Type of particle filtering half mask

2023-12-15 15:02

Type of particle filtering half mask

2022-04-12 1301 Semask世玛

The research and development of SEMASK series products is based on the differences and similarities of international production standards, and then according to the different requirements for the filtering effect, breathing resistance and environmental scenarios of protective masks, the corresponding grades are introduced in a more targeted manner, such as the more common national standards. KN and KP grades, European standard FFP grades, and the international market also has relevant regulations on the filtration efficiency parameters of masks to ensure that the protective effect of masks meets the needs of users.

KN series-protective masks have good protective effect on non-oily particles, and are general-purpose masks used in environments without oily particles.

KP series-universal mask model, has the function of protection and adsorption for water-based and oily particles, and the effect is better than that of R-class masks, but due to the different use environments, the use time is limited.

FFP series - a new type of universal mask, has a relatively large adsorption effect on water-based and oily particles, and has better protection against - some non-toxic, non-fibrous dust, harmful carcinogenic dust, oil mist and some exhaust gases generated by the manufacturing industry It is mostly used in heavy industry, manufacturing, food processing plants, textile industries, electronic factories, construction industries, etc.