How to choose the right SEMASK products

2023-12-15 15:10

How to choose the right SEMASK products

2022-04-01 1392 Semask世玛

SEMASK products are produced in accordance with the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, following Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and China GB2626-2019; GB2890-2009 as its standard operating system.

Cup or foldable mask?

Masks of any shape are carefully designed and tested by international certification, and are widely used around the world; it varies from person to person, and users can choose the shape of the mask they like. The specially designed cup-shaped mask provides more breathing space and comfort, and the sealing performance is relatively good; while the foldable mask has the same comfort, and the on-the-go design is convenient for users to carry and economical.

Is an exhalation valve required?

SEMASK's specially designed cold flow exhalation valve is suitable for all mask products. The unidirectional air outlet design is to isolate and prevent harmful gases from directly entering the respirator and then inhaled into the human body. Masks with exhalation valves have relatively good sealing performance, and are more economical than masks with exhalation valves.

Do you need activated carbon?

SEMASK series products are carefully designed by technical department personnel after careful market research, and are specially customized in strict accordance with international implementation standards. They are suitable for personal protection work in daily life and work; products with additional activated carbon are suitable for certain life and work occasions. Organic volatile gas and dust have the functions of protection, adsorption and isolation. For details, please consult technical consultants or customer service specialists before using them.