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Grade KN95
Type Disposable Flat Folded
Material NON-WOVEN
Color White/OEM
Model N.O 9005VEH

Key Features - KN95 Grade

* For filtering solid particles such as pollen, dust, sands generated by

e.g. grinding, sanding, curshing, sawing,

Outter Layer: 50gsm 100% PP spunbond+65gsm 100% through-air non-woven

Middle Layer: 25gsm 100% PP Meltblow non-woven

Activated Carbon Fabric (Optional):

-20gsm 100% PP spunbond+25gsm 100% Activated Carbon granule

Inner Layer: 25gsm 100% PP spunbond


Option 1: 10± 1mmX90± 2mm Ironwire wrapped with polyropylen

Option 2: 89± 2mmX5mm± 0.5mmX0.6± 0.5mm Aluminum material

- Choice Of Color: Yellow / Blue / Green / White

Exhalation Valve: PP+Silicone

- Choice Of Color: Yellow / Blue / Green / White

Elastics Strap:

Upper Strap: 310mm± 15mm

Lower Strap: 300mm± 15mm

- Choice Of Color: Yellow / Blue / Green / White / Red

Nose Sponge Foam:

- 90± 3mmX5± 1mmX4± 1mm sponge material

Valve: 100%PP Material + Silicon Sheet

- Choice of color: Yellow / Blue / Green / Red / White

Filtration Efficiency: KN95 ≥95%

Facemask Size: 160x124x55   (± 3.5) mm

Standard Requirement: GB2626-2019

Reference Code: 9005VEH


This type can also be FFP2 NR facemask that is in compliance with EN 149:2001+A1:2009, please check with respective personnel for

more information.

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